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A journey to the inner planetary oceanic cities – a meeting with Neptune and receiving the Akasha fr


Into the inner planetary oceanic light cities

In the blue planet, which is constructed of 70% water, there is a great importance to understand the strength of the oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and the water that exist in every structure on the planet.

Without the water on Planet Earth, there was no life existence. For the versatile life that exist on the surface of the planet, the water are conductive and has the ability to construct the water molecules with crystal particles and divine light particles inside.

Via the water we quickly move any thought resonance and any energy that assimilates into and between the water molecules that are connected to each other.

The water cycle system enable us to contain the water vibrations in all of its states of aggregation on the planet, such as air-gas, water-liquid, ice-solid. In all of these aggregation states, the water molecules change and they all contain inside them the cosmic knowledge of the sparkle of life.

The oceans on the planet and all of the other water reservoirs are connected to each other and therefore the water consciousness is one. The biggest ocean – The Pacific Ocean is the activation engine of the planet.

In the depth of the oceans exist the oceanic light cities.

These light cities are colonies of life in the 5th dimension that sustain the most ancient settlement on the planet. A settlement that in the past, when the surface consciousness level was high – as we know it in the days of Lemuria, the connections between the water and land were as one. The living beings could move between the land and the water and vice versa. The Sirius people that had dolphins’ bodies could come out to the shore and walk with their legs. The water stars people communicated with humans that had high light bodies without fear. In the same manner the oceanic cities were in connection and the information about these cities was available for all.

With the fall of the consciousness there was a disconnection from the oceanic light cities. The only ones who maintained the connection to the light cities and the mermaids in the depth of the oceans were the sailors, the seaman who went out to the big sea and many times entered the timeless sleeves, after a very long stay on the water their vibration was elevated and they could connect with the higher dimensions consciousness. This is how they met the mermaids and some of them fell in love…

Some of them did not return, and some returned with stories…these stories were told by word of mouse, about the magic of the mermaids that can hypnotize humans, those that were enchanted by the magic of the oceans.

Today we are familiar with the mythology of Neptune, the god of the sea and the mermaids.

In our exciting journey to the depths of the ocean we got to hear his words.

You are invited to embark with us to a journey beyond time and space…

See yourself in a turquoise bubble that surrounds you, and slowly you hover over the red sea, all of the bubbles go inside deeper into the sea, and they arrive to welcome us, the dolphins, smiling at us and we can already feel our heart chakra opening, and the joy echoing in every cell in our body.

The body softens and we connect to our personal dolphin that came for us.

Ask it for its name…and it answers you…

We move along the dolphin that escorts us and embark on a magical journey.

The dolphin takes us beyond the Indian Ocean, deep in magical seas. We can see the shining colors of the sea fish, and crystals that exists in the deep reefs. We continue and arrive to the center of the biggest water reservoir on the planet, the Pacific Ocean.

In its center lies the chain of islands of the ancient continent of Lemuria. Its mountains peaks are above the sea level today and are known as Hawaii.

With the dolphins we circle the big island and go down deeper and deeper. The dolphins are with us and together we pass through a huge light gate and we can see from the distance immense light. It’s the inner oceanic light city Nepoliana. We come closer and the city gates open up. We can see lights and colors that we have never seen before and also different animals. We continue deeper and we can see giant reefs and houses, as well as fish, and the nymphs who come closer to us…

There, in the depth of The Pacific Ocean, in the magical light city, we stop with the dolphins, and they approach us, the nymphs, look at us, surround us and we can feel their joy and their blessing…the heart expands and we can feel great excitement.

And there she stands across from me, looks at me, as she knows me, and I look at her and I can feel a great wave of light coming out from her heart to mine. I breathe and I can see her with green-purple eyes looking and waiting. I can feel her, her love. I look back at her and I can hear her…

“Hello light child Ohelet, a child of the land. I bless you for arriving with your kind to our world. I bless you and your people and I am delighted after this meeting so many voices will return and be heard over the surface, the voices of the heart about this world that indeed exists in the depth.”

I feel gratitude and thankfulness for this moment and I send her my love. a wave of light comes out of my heart and I can see her breathing and her hands open up, they contain golden membranes and she fills with light.

“What is your name?” I ask

“Sydernia” she answers, “I am the daughter of Neptune”.

“Do we know?” I ask

“Yes indeed” she answers, “from those days when you walked the land of Lemuria and together we created the light of the creation temples, on land and in the sea”.

I breathe and continue to look into her eyes and I can see her again from a very ancient and deep place inside me.

And the mermaids move towards a giant coral reef that is open up as a rose, and they stand around in a circle and invite us to join. We move towards them.

Neptune arrives and I can hear him…

The great god of the sea that directs the vibration of the water on the planet. Great light enters and I look at him, about 7m high with white long hair and blue eyes that express endless compassion and love. He is very powerful and he holds a golden trident.

“Blessed are you humans, for being in one consciousness with us. Blesses are you humans for opening your hearts to us, again ad before we meet, again as before we act.

This planet echoes its will to move towards the opening of the limitless memories and increasing its light vibration. Therefore we enable you, those who hold the heart lights, to enter the gates of the oceanic cities.

Blesses are you who feel the call to protect and preserve the sea animals, and to clean and purify the light molecules. Indeed, the whales, the keepers of the Akasha, rebuild the light networks that are established in these days, with the change that started in the poles and codes shifts. They are moving the new light flow.

These new networks enable you the ability to connect with us again. The connection of the inner oceanic crystal network with the outer planetary crystal network is one. With the establishment of these networks the past memories can move more easily and with a higher focus, like the electricity that flows through your electricity networks. These lights echo throughout the planet for all living creatures and the vegetation.

The water of the oceans are alive, and we will not let humans contaminate our home. Know that the ocean has the ability to recharge the light molecules and we are happy to see you supporting the recharging and healing process with your heart greetings and the light which you move. With the humans consciousness increase, we feel and open the past barriers and invite you to arrive to our homes around the planet.

In all of the seas and oceans around the planet exist inner oceanic light cities, and you loved ones, are invited to visit them.

Many of you have already visited that in the old days, and now again the kingdom of the land and the kingdom of the sea reunite.

Blesses are you. I am Neptune, the king of oceans and seas.”

The power of Neptune is so great. I breathe and we say good bye for now to our new friends and continue with the dolphins on our journey.

And the dolphins take us to New Zealand area, to an existing meeting with the white whale which lives near New Zealand and holds the ancient Akasha on the planet.

When we come closer we can see the whale deep deep inside the ocean, and we are above it. We go deeper and stand around it in a circle.


We can feel the pulses that come from it. Everyone can reach out their hands and feel the unique energy that arrives for them.

The sacred geometry shapes, ancient information is absorbed by us. We breathe and remember, we see pictures, ancient past present, Planet Earth from primordial creation times. The particles of the universe that magnetized to each other and created a planet from the creation elements of the universe, and the water that arrived and started to create life.

We recall, see and encode. We say good bye to the ancient whale that is present and will be happy to meet us again and we continue with the dolphins to the dolphins’ temple that is located at North America. We swim to the coasts of California and from there to a sleeve that takes us straight to a temple in the light city of Telos.

We come out of the sleeve into a beautiful huge space with white sand, and we say good bye and thank the dolphins.

We walk on the white pure sand to the center of the temple. In the center there is the turquoise flame, and we sit around it in transparent crystal chairs.

We breathe with our beautiful light bodies, and here enter the temple the high priest Adama and Sanat Kumara and they welcome us.

“We bless you my children, light messengers that have the ability to move between the dimensions, between worlds. Indeed the connection between the worlds and the veil that separates them are about to reach that point where all is one, for you, loved ones, who know the light sight and your light vision.

I bless you for the unique journey that opens gates and worlds. Indeed the 144 thousand inner light cities that are connected as one to the Agartha light cities network, open their gates more and more.

Indeed you can see the information flowing and you, loved ones, have the ability to listen, learn and expand from these journeys.

The dolphins and the whales, together with the water animals, have a great importance today in the planet. The whales have been holding for 500 million years the Akashic knowledge, and they hold the current vibration of the planet today.

In these days they are weaving the new vibration that is created in the water reservoir. The oceanic water reservoir hold the light of life in the planet. The light of life is spread all around planet as oxygen. The oxygen is vital to the human breath and for the existence of all life on Gaya. It is the foundation of the blue planet.

Loved ones, the connections between the worlds will continue and get stronger, and I continue with your brothers, the Lemurians, to support and lead you in the ascension steps towards the abundance in your world that echoes beyond this planet. Indeed the stars people are watching, studying and learning with your growth.

I bless you for participating in this unique journey. With the reading and practicing of this ancient knowledge, the 5th dimension resonance shall return to Planet Earth.

Blesses are you. I am Adama”.

We breathe and thanks Adama and slowly are surrounded in the turquoise light bubble and move with it to the coast line, where the dolphins await us, and together with them we go out to depth of the oceanic center and back to the red sea, to our home – to Eilat.

We go up above the red sea, and we can see the turquoise enveloping all of the golf of Eilat and its neighboring countries

For harmony and love.


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