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A Journey from the 12th Council of the Council Building in Telos – and the High Priest Adama – 2019


From the heart of Telos Israel, from the heart of the spiritual ecological village, which carries the structure of the Pyramids of the sacred flames of creation, from the glittering chariot, in the shades of golden glamour, and from the Shamanic healing circle that touches the shamanic circle in the center of Shasta, the home of the Lemurians, we are present with Ayelet – the council members of Telos city of light.

"Blessed are you who read these lines, you who feel your heart echoing with the transformation and changes that apply to a planet Earth at these times.

We who accompany and support the cell of light that has ended the cycle of growth and deepening its roots, carrying with it a mass of divine light, a light emanating from the heart of the community, those who carry in their consciousness the frequencies of Lemuria, the continent that sank into the depths overnight.

The sons of the sacred earth, the land of Gaia, are awakened, the sacred people carry the torch of light, the torch of light is your heavenly being, your light body, which you learn to give it its full resonance, the crystalline light body with which you move across the planet dense in the 3th dimension, which gives you the ability to be living bodies, conductive bodies, bodies that transfer an electrical frequency. Illuminated.

Do you realize that the more you polish the diamond of your heart, which is the main generator to carry light from your heart to the entire system of light centers – the chakras, then your body will be able to carry a high mass of light that gives it the ability of quantum communication.

So then beloved ones, you get the call to reach us, to the city of light Telos.

When your mind opens and the human mind no longer holds fears, doubts and judgment, then your physical human space enables the containment of a multi-dimensional etheric space.

The boundaries that you placed in your world, the physical boundaries are blurred and you again have the ability to go beyond the dense boundaries towards the infinite space of the quantum world.

The quantum world, is a multidimensional consciousness that allows you to move into the connection to other worlds where your consciousness is present. When you see in your imagination and feel what you are inviting, you are already creating a fulfillment that will manifest itself in your human world – If and when you allow it to receive a worldly presence.

Therefore, beloved ones, by the end of 2018 many souls have made the decision, whether to continue the journey of light, or whether to exit the physical body, having the ability to contain the great light and return in a new body.

The new bodies of the children of the planet, already possessing the ability to contain the light carrying the mass of divine frequencies within it, the rays of the Super Nova, those are the ones that drive the sensors of creation in those children.

They are the ones who bring the new world, with full conscious awareness, they do not have to learn how to use their bodies, they do not have to remember, their souls and their consciousness come aware and they know – just know!

Therefore, you will see them, come to healing workshops, preparation workshops to the great days of light. They already carry the great light. They are those who will bring the planet into balance, carrying within them the knowledge of a new life over Gaia. And so the beautiful and rich planet passes changes right in front of your eyes.

Scientist who study and accompany Gaia with the changes, already know that Gaia is entering once again in the cycle of transformation. This cycle, which has already occurred on the planet, is actually coming in this decade to a re-calibration. Scientists and leaders of the planet are aware of the pollution that is new to Earth, atmosphere and water on the planet, and that Gaia is already giving its signs.

We know today about the cyclicality that existed on the planet – 300 thousand years ago and more, and we also know about its extinction, the decline of Moriah and later Atlantis, which today bring the memories of those day back to us.

The transformation of Gaia and the rise in temperatures that cause the water reservoirs to dry out, to the huge glaciers to melt and the level of the oceans to rise ... stems from the human consciousness that has reached self-destructiveness and the decline in moral values, and the mental abilities, that lowered the frequency on planet Earth. Thus the present life cycle comes to provide us again with the choice of the soul to choose differently, to awaken and raise the planet consciousness mass, to the consciousness of light.

The souls of the planet were given the ability to choose again, and to make a conscious change; some of you are already doing it and even lead Gaia as torches of light, to its rebirth.

We from Telos, the city of light and Chambala representatives together with the galactic council are supporting and together with you in in full cooperation see the rebirth of Gaia. We know that in the current cyclic array many of the planet souls end their ancient karmas and that the next cycle of Gaia will be conducted with absolute awareness, and the consciousness of the 5th dimension and even more – thus it will contain this planet.

The decision has already been made.

With your entering the Gregorian year according to the birth of Jesus the Christ, you beloved ones are about to experience the wave of new light communities against darkness, that still holds certain places in Gaia.

Telos the city of light opens its gates before you loved ones, to support the four central bodies that are working with you for peace, for the ability to conduct high conscious progression.

From Telos the city of light, we are activating the planetary array in this solar system and connect to the other solar systems of the universe and even to parallel universes.

As more and more sons of light will contain the laws of the universe, those who support the spiritual world facing the balance with the material world, as light beings transcend the earthly ego delusions, and return to the balance of the worlds of light within them and beyond their personal level, and will move the light in their crystal body as one with the physical body – then they can drive the light towards abundance in their lives.

The survival management that directs the entire population of the planet is about to become more extreme. More and more human beings will have to separate themselves from the material world and move towards living in mutually supportive communities.

The mutual assistance is what opens the human beings to the consciousness of unconditional giving, the natural disasters that afflict mankind, support the compassion and openness of the human heart, which understands the importance of supporting humanity.

If these are the giant fires, or tornados or earthquakes... Humanity is one on the planet Gaia, and the separateness of languages, religions and nationalities, will be meaningless in the light of desire to survive on the planet.

The unity of the sons of light on the planet, and the consciousness familiar to some of the torchbearers would be absolutely vital to saving the human race.

Beloved ones, it is important to explain that the profound prediction given to you, from the center of the 12th Council of the city of light, Telos, is a forecast dedicated for this life cycle.

Do not be afraid; on the contrary, rejoice and celebrate yourselves as human beings that contain the divine light; you beloved ones, already know and prepare yourselves to ascension.

Parts of you already have the ability to transform themselves and know how to let their physical home – the human body – interact with the energy fields that surround you in one connection to the pulsating and active network around the planet, the crystal grid. Your connection with each other creates the planet community as one.

Consciousness that carries your desire to move beyond the old, to the world that carries the days of the great light, the days on which your scriptures speak – the days of messiah – the days of the golden age – the days of the children of light.

We open to you the gates of Telos, for learning and growth – for remembering the intensity of light that you are,

Close your eyes and see yourselves standing in the center of the pyramid bearing the light of the divinity, the temples of enlightenment – see the white rays of the ascension coming from the one large sun mass – and feeding your crown chakra.

See loved ones, and feel the flow of wonderful light passes through all the centers of light located in the crystal body and affect the physical body; see your body charged with light and recovers from any illness or tightness, and you are stretched high up, and feel the flow of light recharges and pours one united cosmic love.

Yes beloved ones, you are the cosmic love – you carry the light and knowledge and embody it your body. See yourselves expanding; there is no limit, no space, no end; see the bodies of light expanding more and more, you become one with the universe, among all planet constellations, you are one with creation – one.

Here you are again choosing to return to the planet, re-choosing to return to this unique period of time in which you are awake! In which you take an active part in the celebration of the illumination of planet Earth – Gaia undergoes changes and you are the ones who support it, at a time that gives you the ability of creation and fulfillment.

See yourself supporting this formation, what is your part – what are you going to do at this time on the planet?

You have a destiny – 2019 – is the year of fulfillment of destiny.

The 12 Layers of the DNA are aware to your soul – make your voice be heard, your dream encoded in your being, speak loudly. Announce to the universe "I'm asking ... I'm choosing I'm committed..."

That's how it happens!

We welcome you beloved ones, as you enter the days of great light!

We invite you to the community of Telos Lemuria in Israel and all over the world, one with creation – and we from the center of Telos City Council welcome you



The 12th Council and the High Priest.

We are one with humanity

(Channeled by Ayelet Segal, Telos Village 22-Dec -2018)


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