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11/11/2020 - I Am that I Am

11/11/2020 -

I Am that I Am -

The Gate of the New World - A Message from the High Priest Adama-Through Ayelet Segal


A walker looks into the heart of Shasta, at the snowy mountain.

The heart was opened to me there on the day I lived the awakening .

A decade ago ...

The mountain is covered with a white mantle, all wrapped up and the colors of the green trees envelop it, it stands upright, pure and its resonance reaches even beyond the journey, to the heart of the Middle East.

Telos, the crystalline city of light, is really sparkling these days, shining and ready for the transition to the seventh dimension, and even to the eleventh dimension.

Breathe deeply and feel my father and teacher the High Priest Adama.

Puts his light on my shoulders and my heart expands further, I am aware of the new tasks I face.

Aware of the tremendous transformation that the mountain has undergone in the last 9 months, and here it is vibrating differently, facing a new opening, it is preparing itself, inside a pyramid it’s present and above it the city of the elite crystalline light. Her light brights to all Shasta spaces.

Indeed, we are the sons of Lemuria, who have the ability to move between dimensions, we already know, know the qualities of the new world.

The airiness, the lightness, the frequency flow which moves in the fields of light, and we are one with it.

Human compression has faded again these days, so the sense of time that is gaining more and more momentum in this, which is present in the physical space.

The physical, the human cells increase their resonance rates, the blood flow, the heartbeat, these days get a different rhythm.

The priest goes on to explain:

'Welcome, I am Adama, I see you and the crystal bodies that surround you.

Seeing and enveloping you in the blue rays of light that give you peace, is what drives you to return home.

In these unique days, cities you love, to the power of light, cities you love to the truth that rises through the world of illusions shattering right before your eyes, your walk still hard to see but step by step, the wall is broken and the lies and distortions again have no place in the fifth dimension.

The stages, transition stages in the gates of light, the gate of light you know 2012 was the starting point, many souls passed through this gate and were awakened and today they are leading the planet, they are the ones where a conscious opening was made, and they have come a long way to lead humanity to the corresponding stage The state of the new planet.

From the gate day of 11/11 to the day 21/12 you loved ones will feel the opening, we give you the opportunity to re-elect in your life, to enter the world of truth, the world that contains the laws of divinity in all levels of your divine, indeed divine being.

Awake human beings you are beloved, we prepare you and human bodies for the passage at the gate

Central of 2021.

Hello, you see the jitter of the numbers 12/21 - a complete balance between the human body and the divine light.

Number 3 is the holy third - the serpent that constitutes on earth the ability to move easily and simply between the parallel worlds, between knowing what your ability is to move according to the truth in the world you will create, no more percentage control, no more life in illusion.

The new legality is the one that was granted to Moses on Mount Sinai.

The new regularity is the one that has been respected to rest with the creation of a new periodicity.

The new legality is the one bestowed on the supreme masters who were scattered across the planet after the sunset of the continents of Atlantis and Moriah.

Regulatory legality is the meaning of life in the aspect of divine order

Do you understand where you are going?

A gate of light, you feel the change within you, you do not always have the ability to express what you feel, but yes, you know, feel the excitement, you know and feel the comments.

Many ask for clear and absolute answers, in the socio-political aspect.

And again I tell you

Does the Absolute exist on this planet?

Do you see the flexibility and flow of energy, there is nothing absolute.

Black and white are two identical faces.

The souls of light, who choose to be embodied as souls in human bodies, constitute the variety of the face of God.

And God is also not absolute.

Infinite energy as consciousness present in all, lovers see the wide, allow yourself to move in space.

Learn the laws of the universe in your cosmic space.

Open the chakra of your heart, and breathe the breaths of light that enter your body every day, celebrate your time on this earth, and know that you are the possessors of eternal light, you beloved are the Creators.

The great creation is already emerging, with the entry of 2021 - the new world order, Planet Earth will enter the sleeve of the luminaries, a sleeve that will allow the planet to expand to its natural size again, with the expansion of the planet, you loved ones can return to your being at their peak.

No more restrictions, no more reduction of consciousness, the way has been broken!

Celebrate this day, celebrate in the unity of the creators of the worlds, you loved ones who pass through the gates of conscious choice.

You who know how to be multidimensional, you who know the memories of ancient times.

You are the living human history - the Akasha Library.

Our city of light, glistening with lights and lights, and every construction is celebrated, we invite you today to be with us in celebration.

We invite you today, reaching out to all who have a pure heart and a heartfelt intention

Move to the active mastery stage.

Happy Holidays

Blessed are you, from the city of light Telos, walking with you on the path of Ascension.

I'm Adama. "



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